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Brian "Head" Welch

is a New York Times best-selling author, sought-after speaker, co-founder of the Grammy Award winning band KoRn and proud father of Jennea Marie Welch.

Scott Mayo

is a two time Emmy-nominated filmmakers who's work across all mediums is unified by emotionally potent, non-fiction storytelling. This is his first feature film.

I Am Second Media

I Am Second Media curates and distributes first person storytelling through a variety of platforms, including via its flagship site, iamsecond.com. I Am Second stories can be found in books, blogs, 130 short films, two short documentaries and social media.

Ditore Mayo Entertainment

Ditore Mayo Entertainment is a Dallas-based filmmaking studio with an affinity for pursuing beautiful human experiences through cinema on any size screen. ditoremayo.com

Trey Hill

Director/Executive Producer
is a documentary and commercial director. His work has taken him to five continents to tell the stories of the planets most revered and most overlooked people. This is his first feature film.
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